Transcription and Translation

Transcription in English and Chinese Translation

Verbatim and Time-stamped Transcription

Due to the law enforcement history of our founder and CEO, our consultants are also specialised in transcription services.

From transcribing verbatim and time-stamped courtroom transcripts for the Canadian Courts Service to editing celebrity interviews, our team will transcribe over 50 projects monthly for a wide range of clients.

Our transcription services can be tailor-made to suit your requirements, our turn-around service is both fast and efficient.

Chinese to English Translation

Do you have English text that needs to be translated to Chinese or vice-versa?

We are very fortunate to have on-board the team, a Chinese translation team who can translate any text for you, in whichever context.

With we can guarantee that your translation requests will be handled by one of dedicated professionals and not Google translate!

We ensure accuracy and clarity in every word.

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