Well unbelievably, the last 10 months of training are about to pay off, with the Virgin London Marathon less than 72 hours away.

It has been an incredible journey ladies and gentlemen, and it is only right to begin with by offering a personal thank you to the following people who have made such an awesome financial contribution to the cause for this much anticipated dual marathon challenge. I would like to begin with the corporate sponsors who have been so very supportive:

David Chang and North Kinabalu Maritime & Shipyard, Shangri-la Tanjung Aru, Seaventures, Diverse Borneo, Sipadan Scuba, Borneo Dream, Cool Stuf, The Reef Dive Resort and Sabah Divers

Personal support has been totally incredible and has far surpassed my expectations. I have to begin here with the beautiful staff of Mataking Island who all contributed a portion of their wages to the cause, This contribution made me cry … a lot … like a big girl. These beautiful people ┬ádon’t earn much but all felt so passionate about the cause they all felt honoured to be part of the support. I was left speechless.

Other financial sponsors (in no particular order) have been: Mum and Dad Cox, Mum and Dad Teh, Kevin Teh, Edwin Teh, Ramesh Sundram, Jeny Bakilid (twice), Sonya Pang, Aunty Veronica from Kapalai, The California Clan, Bik, Koh and their wonderful kids, Kat and Jqcob from Atlantic Scuba, Alex and Kat, the incredible group of residents at Rose-in-the-Bush in Gweek, the Fong family, Grace Lee, Amber, Shirlyn Khoong, Chong and Joyce, Ian Cuthbertson, my good virtual-friend James from “Running On Old Legs”, ┬áthe Crocetti family, the incredibly talented photographer Vee Wee, Chan Yee, Tey Wei, Sarah Cook (Smiffy) and family, Sook Yee, MC Chuah, Emme Kee, Yvonne Garrison, Sue and Adrian and Tracey … plus there is still much more sponsorship still coming in bit by bit.

You awesome guys have helped me smash the original target and we now sit at over 2500.00 GBP for the cause and still climbing!


As per one of my earlier blogs, I have dedicated a mile to each and every corporate sponsor, plus those people who have played an extra special part in Gracie’s life, and those who took part in the race to make sponsorship to get the final few places. Here are the dedications:

MILE 1 – The Cox Family

MILE 2 – The Teh Family

MILE 3 – Kinabalu North Maritime

MILE 4 – Wei Wei

MILE 5 – Chong and Joyce

MILE 6 – Cool Stuf

MILE 7 – Grace Lee

MILE 8 – Adrian Lee

MILE 9 – The Fong Family

MILE 10 – Seaventures

MILE 11 – Shangri-la Tanjung Aru

MILE 12 – Borneo Dream

MILE 13 – Diverse Borneo

MILE 14 – Sabah Divers

MILE 15 – Felicia’s Preschool

MILE 16 – KK Therapy Teams

MILE 17 – Sipadan Scuba

MILE 18 – The Reef Dive Resort

MILE 19 – Mai Yee

MILE 20 – The California Coxes

MILE 21 – My darling wife Carol

MILE 22 – Rose-in-the-Bush residents

MILE 23 – Jeny Bakilid

MILE 24 – National Autism Society of Malaysia (NASOM)

MILE 25 – National Autistic Society

MILE 26 – Gracie xxx (love you so much baby girl)

… and those last few painful yards belong to me!

So how much did the last 10 months actually take out of me? I started training on June 1st 2015 for this incredible challenge and in the last 10 months, these are the mind-blowing stats:

My average road miles per week were: 62.5km, with an average weekly calorie burn of 7600 calories.

I have run a total distance since June 2015 of 2936.8km (to put this into some type of perspective, that’s Lands End to John’O’Groats …. THREE TIMES!) So it’s not wonder I have burnt through 4 pairs of very expensive running shoes in just 10 months.


So that’s it guys … tomorrow I head from Cornwall to London to get ready for this incredible run. There is over 40,000 runners this year and yes the weather forecast says we could even expect to see snow … SNOW!!! That’s going to be one hell of a contrast a week later when i run the Borneo leg of this challenge in 30 degrees plus!

To everyone who has supported this challenge, whether it be financially with sponsorship, a listening ear, love, support, moral encouragement or a well needed kick up the butt of encouragement when I have head those niggling doubts, I thank you from the very bottom of my heart.

Finally, to the love’s of my life, Carol, Gracie and Joshua … you are my life completely. Love you my darlings and see you back home next week xxx

Look out for the blog next week where I give you the lowdown on how it all went as we get ready for the final Borneo Leg in glorious Kota Kinabalu.