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Our Blog Has Launched

Hi there and thank for stopping by our brand new website!

It’s high time I guess that I introduced myself. My name is Luke J Cox, and yeah, you’ve guessed it, I am the Chief Executive Officer of www.lukejcox.com as well as being the Senior Partner for our sister company, www.thediveconsultancy.com.

As can be seen from our portfolios, we have been incredibly busy in South East Asia and globally these past few years, so much so that we have now begun operating on all continents.

A little bit about me
Before we go into all of that, let me tell you all a little about me.

Hailing from the cold and wet of the UK, I have had an incredibly varied and diverse career, ranging from Hotel, Catering and Hospitality Management to Legal and Law Enforcement since graduating from university many moons ago!

Cutting an incredibly long-story short, I came into South East Asia over a decade ago, having worked extensively throughout Europe within the hospitality and marine arena.

Coming into Asia a single man and with a backpack on his pack (have legs will travel), ten years later I find myself as a happily married man with 2 amazing (and very lively) young children and living in Malaysia.

People are important to us
For us at lukejcox.com, people are our most important commodity and it is those people who give our business a pulse, so it is our intention to share with you weekly what’s going on in our lives both personally and at work.

Therefore, on our new site, you will see that we have split our blog into 2 sections. This section that you have landed on gives you a personal insight on what’s happening with me as the CEO, and my family. Meanwhile, the “All About Our Business” section lends a distinct flavor to what’s fresh and exciting in our industry and what we are up to as the key industry game changers.

Each week I will be blogging away on both sections and of course linking it all to our thriving social media pages.

Thank you all once again for popping in and I certainly look forward to catching up with you whether it be online or in person real soon.

Until next time…